Perdikkas II, 451-413 BC
AR Tetrobol (Light Macedonian standard). 1.6g, 12.8mm
MINTED: Aigai mint(?), circa 420-413 BC
REF: HGC 3.1, 782
OBVERSE: Horse stepping right.

REVERSE: Crested helmet right in linear square within incuse square.



Fine. Toned, with some light scratches and darker deposits in fields.


Historical Notes:

Perdikkas II was the second son of Alexander I, the king who had reclaimed Macedonian independence from the Achaemenid Empire during the Greco-Persian Wars.  Perdikkas for his part ruled for much of the time that Athens and Sparta warred against each other during the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC).  Macedon at this time was not a great power, and Perdikkas frequently switched sides during the conflict depending on who he thought his kingdom had better chances of survival with.  He died in 413 BC, after a rule of 35 years.

MACEDONIA, KINGDOM OF . Perdikkas II, 451-413 BC . AR Tetrobol . Horse / Helmet

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