MACEDON, Uranopolis

AE16. 3.09g, 16.5mm

MINTED: MACEDON, Uranopolis, circa 300 BC

REF: SNG Cop 455; HGC 3.1, 606; Lindgren II 1260

OBVERSE: Eight-pointed star.

REVERSE: OΥΡANIΔΩ-ΓOΛEΩΣ, Aphrodite Urania seated left on globe, holding sceptre in right hand.



Fine. Dark green patina.  Light cleaning scrapes across surface. 


Historical Notes:

Uranopolis (or Ouranopolis) was founded around 316 BC by Alexarchos, brother of Kassander, who had just seized power in Macedonia and made himself regent.  Alexarchos was a somewhat eccentric character, taken with the idea of establishing a utopian society, and on founding his city near the site of ancient Akanthos, named it Uranopolis ("City of Heaven").  Until his death in 290 BC, Alexarchos ruled over his people as an avatar of the sun god Helios, and was said to even have made up his own language for use in the city.  Unfortunately, it was apparently a language that was indecipherable to anyone but himself.

MACEDON, Uranopolis . Circa 300 BC . AE16 . Alexarchos's "City of Heaven"

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