LYDIA, Philadelphia

AE15. 5.02g, 14.8mm
MINTED: LYDIA, Philadelphia, 2nd-1st centuries BC
REF: SNG Copenhagen 343-7
OBVERSE: Macedonian shield.

REVERSE: ΦIΛAΔEΛ/ΦEΩN, Winged thunderbolt within wreath; [monogram above].



Dark blackish green patina with some earthen deposits.  A little off-center.  


Historical Notes:

Philadelphia in western Asia Minor was established under Pergamese rule in the early 2nd century BC.  When King Attalos III (138-133 BC) died without an heir, he bequeathed his entire kingdom to the Roman Republic, resulting in the kingdom's possessions coming under Roman rule.  During Imperial times, Emperor Augustus favoured the city because one of its citizens, Gaius Julius Dionysius, was his Greek tutor and friend.  When the city was damaged by an earthquake in AD 17, it was rebuilt by Emperor Tiberius.  In the Book of Revelation, Philadelphia is listed as one of the Seven Churches of Asia.   

LYDIA, Philadelphia . 2nd-1st centuries BC . AE15 . Macedonian shield

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