AD 164-169 (d. 182)

AR Denarius. 2.58g, 18.8mm

MINTED: Rome mint, AD 161-162
REF: RIC III 758; Cohen 6
OBVERSE: LVCILLAE AVG ANTONINI AVG F, draped bust right, hair waved and knotted low at back in chignon.

REVERSE: CONCORDIA, Concordia, draped, seated left on low seat, holding patera in right hand, left arm resting on statuette of Spes.



Ex A.K. Collection.

The A.K. Collection was assembled over several decades by a connoisseur of Roman coins.  An important and extensive collection covering both Imperial and Provincial coinage, many of its coins were acquired from other major European collections or dealers.


Very Fine. Toned and well-centered. Some surface roughness.


Historical Notes:
Annia Aurelia Galeria Lucilla was the daughter of Marcus Aurelius and Faustina Junior. She was bethrothed to Aurelius's co-emperor, Lucius Verus, at a young age and married him in 164 when she was about 16 years old. After the death of Verus and Aurelius, Lucilla participated in a plot to have her younger brother, the emperor Commodus, assassinated. The attempt on Commodus's life failed and Lucilla was exiled to the island of Capri, where she was later executed.

LUCILLA . AD 164-169 . AR Denarius . "CONCORDIA" . Ex A.K. Collection

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