AR Nomos. 7.24g, 21.3mm
MINTED: LUCANIA, Velia, circa 344-300 BC
REF: Williams 318; HN Italy 1293
OBVERSE: Head of Athena left, wearing Phrygian helmet, centauress on bowl, KE monogram behind neck.

REVERSE: Lion standing left, devouring prey, KE monogram between legs, A above.


Fine. Deeply toned. Some light scratches and surface roughness. 

A rare variety, with Williams citing only 8 examples.



Ex Frank James Collection


Historical Notes:

According to the historian Herodotus, Velia was founded by refugee Ionian Greeks around 538-535 BC.  It held a small territory on a coastal plain in western Lucania (southern Italy), and possessed within a walled akropolis a theatre and temples to Zeus and Poseidon.  The Velians came into conflict with neighbouring Poseidonia, as well as the native Lucanian tribe of Italic peoples, but they managed to hold on to their independence until the 3rd century BC, when Velia became a client-city of the Roman Republic in 273 BC.

LUCANIA, Velia . 344 - 300 BC . AR Nomos . Athena / Lion devouring prey **Rare**

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