LOT of 7 GREEK COINS: 1 Silver + 6 Bronze

Coinage of the ancient Greek world, covering the 4th century BC to 1st century AD, and spanning an area from the plains of Thessaly and the great cities of Asia Minor to the Seleukid Empire and the desert kingdom of Nabataea.  Three coins come with their previous owners' tags, one being the BCD Collection, one of the most famous private collections of Greek coins ever assembled. A pleasing and diverse group lot to start or add on to a Greek collection for an excellent low price.  Each coin will be accompanied by full attribution and historical notes printed on its individual tag and stored in its own archival quality PVC-free flip.  See below for more information on each coin.  

Lot consists of:


1. THESSALY, Pharsalos. 4th-3rd centuries BC.

AE Trichalkon. 21.5mm. Thessalian cavalryman with attendant. 

Ex BCD Collection, with his handwritten tag noting that he acquired it in Sep 1996 for the price of 60 Swiss francs.


2. THESSALY, the Magnetes. Circa 150-130 BC.

AE22. 22mm. Poseidon / the centaur Cheiron 


3. LYCIAN DYNASTS, Mithrapata. Circa 390-370 BC.

AR Diobol. 14.8mm. Facing lion's scalp / Triskeles (with astragalos control symbol) 


4. IONIA, Smyrna.  Circa 2nd - 1st centuries BC.

AE Homereion. 23.6mm. Reverse depicting Homer, most famous of the Greek poets, and author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, amongst the oldest works of western literature. 


5. AEOLIS, Kyme. Circa 250-200 BC.

AE16. 15.8mm. Head of the mythological Amazon queen Kyme. 


6. SELEUKID KINGDOM, Antiochos IV. 175-164 BC.

AE14 Serrate. 14mm. Distinctive Seleukid 'bottlecap' bronze with serrate edges.


7. NABATAEAN KINGDOM, Aretas IV. 9 BC - AD 40.

AE15. 14.7mm. Struck at the city of Petra, the famous UNESCO World Heritage archaeological site, around AD 16, to commemorate the marriage of Aretas IV to Shaqilat, his second wife. 

As pictured. 


LOT of 7 GREEK COINS . 1 Silver + 6 Bronze (incl. one ex BCD Collection)

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