A nice starter set of 6 Roman coins, spanning the 2nd to 4th centuries AD, with a variety of rulers, denominations, mints, and reverse types.  Includes one silver denarius, a large bronze sestertius, and a Tetrarchic follis accompanied by its old collector's tag.   


Each coin sold with attribution and historical notes printed on a descriptive tag and stored in its own archival quality PVC-free flip.

Lot consists of:


1. SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS (AD 193-211). AR Denarius. Annona reverse. 


2. ANTONINUS PIUS (AD 138-161). AE Sestertius. Fides reverse.
A hefty 33mm bronze!   


3. GALLIENUS (AD 253-268). AE Antoninianus. Pax reverse. 


4. GALERIUS (AD 305-311). AE Follis. Antioch mint.

From an old Swiss collection, purchased in the 1960s or 1970s from Numiphil Basel (with collector’s tag)


5. CONSTANTIUS II (AD 337-361). AE3. Campgate. Thessalonica mint.


6. VALENTINIAN I (AD 364-375). AE3. Victory advancing. Siscia mint. 

As pictured.


LOT of 6 ROMAN IMPERIAL COINS . 2nd - 4th Centuries AD. 1 Silver and 5 Bronze

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