A good value group lot comprising six 2nd - 4th century AD Roman coins, including a nice silver antoninianus of Gordian III.  Also of note is a bronze of Claudius Gothicus pedigreed to the collection of specialist collector Finn Johannessen, with his original handwritten tag.  


Each coin accompanied by printed tags containing measurements, attribution, and historical notes. All coins stored in their own individual archival quality PVC-free flip.

Lot consists of:


1. TRAJAN (AD 98-117). AE As. 7.85g, 24.5mm. Rome mint, for circulation in Syria.


2. SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS (AD 193-211). MOESIA INFERIOR, Nicopolis ad Istrum. AE18. 2.89g, 18mm. Tyche, city goddess of fortune. 


3. GORDIAN III (AD 238-244). AR Antoninianus. 4.37g, 23.4mm. Rome mint.

Laetitia, goddess of joy. 


4. CLAUDIUS II GOTHICUS (AD 268-270). AE Antoninianus. 3.80g, 19.9mm. Siscia mint. Spes, goddess of hope.  Ex Finn Johannessen Collection (purchased from Russel Brochinsky, 10 Dec 2005)


5. LICINIUS I (AD 308-324). AE Follis. 3.67g, 19.3mm. Antioch mint.



6. VALENTINIAN I (AD 364-375). AE3. 2.43g, 18.5mm. Siscia mint. Emperor dragging captive. 

Condition as pictured.


LOT of 6 ROMAN COINS . 2nd - 4th Centuries AD . Includes 1 silver antoninianus

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