A group lot of 40 Roman AE coins consisting of an assortment of 3rd-4th century AD rulers, types, and denominations. Priced at just $3 per coin, please note that this group lot is sold as is and as pictured, with no attributions, tags or flips.


A diverse and inexpensive group for the buyer's own study and research. Represented rulers : Claudius Gothicus (AD 268-270), Aurelian (AD 270-275), Diocletian (AD 285-305), Constantine the Great (AD 306-337), Constantius II (AD 337-361), Theodosius I (AD 379-395), and many others.



Fair - Good Fine; some better. Typical issues include roughness and pitting, a few with cleaning scratches or minor chips (see picture).

LOT of 40 ROMAN IMPERIAL COINS . 3rd - 4th century AD . Nice budget assortment

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