AD 457-474

AE Nummus. 1.5g, 10.9mm

MINTED: Constantinople mint, AD 457-474
REF: RIC X 683

OBVERSE: DN LEO P F AVG, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right.
REVERSE: Leo’s Latin monogram; CON below, within wreath.



Handsome dark black-green patina. Light roughness. Well-centered with more complete legends compared to most of the type. A nice example. 

Historical Notes:

Leo I, known also as Leo the Thracian because of his Dacian origin, was ruler of the eastern half of the Roman Empire during a period when the western half was in terminal decline.  He was a senior officer in the Roman armies who became emperor thanks to the influence of Aspar, the powerful magister militum.  Once he was emperor, Leo gradually solidified his power base and eventually did away with Aspar.  Though Leo sought to strengthen and support his colleagues in the west (in all, a list of five short-lived emperors ruled in the west during Leo's reign in the east), his efforts were ultimately in vain, and within 2 years of his death in 474, after a rule of 17 years, the Western Roman Empire came to an end with the overthrow of Romulus Augustus by Odoacer, a Goth who crowned himself King of Italy.

LEO I . AD 457-474 . AE Nummus . Monogram type. Well-centered.

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