Orodes II, circa early-mid 2nd century AD

AE Drachm. 3.79g, 14.4mm

MINTED: Uncertain mint (Susa?), circa early-mid 2nd century AD
REF: Sear GIC 5905; van’t Haaff 13.3.2-2A
OBVERSE: Bearded bust facing, wearing a diadem tiara with dots on it; to right, pellet and crescent above anchor with single cross bar.

REVERSE: Dashes.


Attractive green patina.

Historical Notes:

Elymais, in present day Iran, was the biblical Elam, a region that was supposedly rich in silver and gold.  The kings that ruled there from the 2nd century BC began as semiautonomous vassals of the Parthian Empire, with the later (Arsacid) kings being themselves descended from Parthian nobility.  The historian Appian of Alexandria wrote of Elymais's dextrous archers who rode on the backs of camels.  It was eventually subsumed by the Sasanian Empire in the 3rd century AD.​​​​​​​

KINGDOM OF ELYMAIS . Orodes II, circa early - mid 2nd century AD . AE Drachm

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