Dictator, 49-44 BC

AR Denarius. 3.36g, 20.4mm

MINTED: Rome mint, 40 BC. Posthumous issue, Q. Voconius Vitulus, quaestor.
REF: Crawford 526/4; Sear 1428; RSC 45
OBVERSE: Laureate head right.
REVERSE: Q•VOCONIVS above, S-C to sides, VITVLVS•Q / DESIGN below, bull calf standing left.


About Fine/Good. A couple of bankers' marks on obverse. Worn, but with a clear and bold portrait. 

A scarce posthumous issue with a depiction of Julius Caesar in excellent style.  As portrait issues of Caesar go, this is a nice and reasonably priced one.  


Historical Notes:
Julius Caesar is arguably the most famous Roman who has ever lived. His climb to the apex of political power in the waning years of Roman Republic, his reputation as one the world's most brilliant military commanders, and his love affair with Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, has indelibly etched his name into the annals of history. Not to be outdone by the achievements of his life, his murder on Mar 15, 44 BC by as many as 60 Roman senators, when he was at the height of his powers, was of equal if not greater historical significance. Caesar's assassination led to a bloody civil war that would result in the destruction of the 500-year old Roman Republic and the subsequent formation of one of the world's mightiest empires under his grand-nephew, Augustus, the first Roman Emperor.

JULIUS CAESAR . 49-44 BC . AR Denarius . *Scarce, with a very nice portrait*

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