AD 361-363

AE3. 3.49g, 20mm
MINTED: Nicomedia mint, AD 361-363
REF: RIC VIII Nicomedia 123 (scarce)
OBVERSE: D N FL CL IVLI-ANVS P F AVG, helmeted bust left, holding spear and shield.
REVERSE: Wreath encircling VOT/X/MVLT/XX; NIKΓ in exergue.

Good Very Fine. Well-centered. Attractive, smooth black patina with some earthen deposits highlighting devices.  Gouge on head of the portrait, but otherwise an excellent example. 


Historical Notes:
Julian, nephew of Constantine the Great, was the last pagan emperor of the Roman Empire.  Constantine had legalized Christianity and converted to the new religion, becoming the first Christian Emperor of Rome.  His sons who succeeded him likewise espoused the faith.  When Julian ascended to the throne upon the death of Constantius II, he attempted to revive the worship of the old gods, restoring paganism as the state religion, hence the byname "the Apostate".  He was also called Julian the Philosopher, and was a noted Neoplatonic scholar and writer.  Several of Julian's literary works, written in Greek, haved survived to this day.  Barely a year and a half into his reign, Julian was mortally wounded while campaigning against the Sassanians.  With his last words, he is said to have addressed Jesus, "You have won, Galilean".

JULIAN THE APOSTATE . AD 361-363 . AE3 . Vota in wreath . Nicomedia mint

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