John Hyrcanus I, 134-104 BC

AE Prutah. 2.46g, 16.6mm
MINTED: JUDAEA, Jerusalem mint
REF: Hendin 1135
OBVERSE: Double cornucopiae adorned with ribbons, pomegranate between horns.

REVERSE: 'Yehohanan the High Priest and the Council of the Jews' (Paleo-Hebrew) in four lines within wreath; above, A.



Almost Very Fine. Brown patina. Hooked sprue at edge evidence of ancient flan production process.


Historical Notes:

As a young and inexperienced High Priest, John Hyrcanus, as leader of the Judaeans, had to tread a precarious path between an onerous vassalage to the Seleukid king Antiochos VII, and maintaining the fickle support of the religious elite and people of his country.  The low point of his rule came when he was forced to plunder the tomb of King David to pay a 3000 talent tax levied on him by Antiochos.  After the death of Antiochos in 128 BC, however, the Seleukid kingdom fell into disarray, and John was not only able to assert his independence, but also make Judaea the preeminent power in the Levant.  Between 113 BC to his death in 104 BC, John conquered Samaria, Transjordan, and Idumea, adding those territories to his own.  He also fostered friendly ties with the Roman Republic and Ptolemaic Egypt.

JUDAEA . John Hyrcanus I, 134-104 BC . AE Prutah . Double Cornucopiae

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