First Jewish Revolt (AD 66-73)

AE Prutah. 2.46g, 16.6mm
MINTED: JUDAEA, Jerusalem, Year 2 of the Revolt (AD 67)
REF: Meshorer 197; Hendin 661
OBVERSE: "Year 2", footed amphora, no lid.

REVERSE: "Of the freedom of Zion", grape vine.



Almost Very Fine. Dark blackish patina with some roughness. Slightly off-center on reverse. Issue of high historical interest.


Historical Notes:

The First Jewish Revolt (AD 66-73) broke out in Roman-controlled Judaea during the reign of Emperor Nero, sparked by Roman governor Gessius Florus's plundering of the Second Temple of Jerusalem.  Though the rebels had early successes against the Roman legions, including at the Battle of Beth Horon, where 6000 Roman soldiers were killed and the aquila of the Legio XII Fulminata lost, the tide slowly but surely turned against them.  In 67, four legions under Roman general Vespasian launched their campaign into Judaea, conquering one rebel strongholds after another in an inexorable march towards Jerusalem.  Though Nero's death plunged Rome into a civil war in 69, Vespasian soon emerged victorious and ascended the throne.  His son, Titus, took over operations at Jerusalem, laying siege to the city for seven months.  When the Roman army finally broke through the walls, they destroyed the Second Temple and looted its treasures.  Jewish soldiers and citizens were slaughtered en masse, and as many as 100,000 were made slaves.  It was a few more years before the last of the rebel fortresses were destroyed, and it is estimated that as many as 1 million Jews were killed during the war. 

JUDAEA . First Jewish Revolt, AD 66-73 . AE Prutah . Historic Jewish-Roman War

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