IONIA, Miletos

AR Obol. 1.05g, 10.1mm
MINTED: IONIA, Miletos, circa late 6th - early 5th century BC
REF: SNG Kayhan 462-75; SNG Copenhagen 952-953
OBVERSE: Forepart of lion left, head reverted.

REVERSE: Stellate pattern in incuse square.



Almost Very Fine. Toned. Granular surfaces, typical for a crystallized silver issue of this age.  One of the most affordable and ancient of silver coins available.  A cute little fraction that is nicer in hand.


Historical Notes:

Miletos was the largest and most important city of Ionia in western Asia Minor, and in the century before the rise of Athens, arguably the cultural center of the Greek world.  Situated at the mouth the river Maeander, it possessed four natural harbours and a rich, fertile valley hinterland.  Milesian colonists founded as many as 60 cities along the coast of the Black Sea while at home, Miletos frequently found itself in rivalry with the neighbouring Kingdom of Lydia.  Both Lydia and Miletos were eventually conquered by the Persians in the mid 6th century BC, and Miletos would remain under Achaemeneid domination until Xerxes I's defeat by the Greeks at the Battles of Thermopylae and Salamis in 480 BC.  Miletos was the birthplace of Thales of Miletos, one of the Seven Sages of Greece, a philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer who is regarded as the "Father of Western Philosophy."

IONIA, Miletos . Circa 6th - 5th centuries BC . AR Obol . Small early fraction

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