Azes, 58 - 12 BC

AR Drachm. 2.44g, 16.5mm.
MINTED: Uncertain mint (near Taxila?), circa 58-12 BC
REF: Senior 90.10D
OBVERSE: BAΣIΛEΩΣ BAΣIΛEΩN MEΓAΛOY AZOY, Azes on horseback right, holding whip and spear pointed forwards.

REVERSE: Athena Alkidemos left; monogram before, Kharosthi A behind.


Good Very Fine.

Historical Notes:

The Indo-Skythians were a people from Central Asia of Saka and Skythian origin who settled in western and northern South Asia from the 2nd century BC.  In that region, they co-existed and competed for dominance with the Indo-Greeks and Indians until their ultimate defeat by Chandragupta II in AD 395.  The Indo-Skythians during the rule of Azes in Gandhara appear to have followed, or at least accomodated, both Buddhism as well as the worship of Greek gods.  Their coinage often featured Greek deities such as Athena and Zeus, and Azes has been associated with the Bimaran casket, a gold reliquary discovered in eastern Afghanistan that has one of the earliest depictions of Buddha. 

INDO-SKYTHIANS . Azes, 58-12 BC . AR Drachm . Athena Alkidemos

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