Apollodotos I, 174-165 BC
AR Square Drachm. 1.63g, 15.3mm x 14.8mm

MINTED: Taxila mint, circa 174-165 BC
REF: SNG Copenhagen 337
OBVERSE: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΣΩTHPOΣ AΠOΛΛOΔOTOY , Elephant standing right; monogram below.
REVERSE: Karosthi legend Ma-ha-ra-ja-sa A-pa-la-da-ta-sa Tra-da-ta-sa (of King Apollodotos, the Saviour) around Zebu (humped bull) standing right; monogram below.

Very Fine. Toned. A few light cleaning scratches on obverse.

Historical Notes:
Apollodotos was the founder of the Indo-Greek kingdom, ruling territories in the Punjab, Gujarat and Sindh. He was originally a general of Demetrios, the Greco-Baktrian king, and had been sent to invade northwestern India around 180 BC. Apollodotos minted coins at his capital of Taxila, and his square-shaped silver drachms were the first Indo-Greek coins to see widespread usage in the region.

INDO-GREEKS . Apollodotos I, 174-165 BC . AR Square Drachm . Elephant/Zebu Bull

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