INDIA, Kushan Empire
Vima Takto (Soter Megas), circa AD 80-100
AE Drachm. 1.99g, 13.5mm

MINTED: Unknown mint in Indian, circa AD 80-100
REF: Senior B17.1D
OBVERSE: Radiate and diademed bust right, holding scepter; tamgha behind
REVERSE: Vima Takto on horseback right, holding axe; tamgha to lower right.

Good Fine/Very Fine.

Historical Notes:

The Kushans were a tribe of Yuezhi nomads who settled in Baktria around the 1st century BC. Slowly exercising dominion over other Yuezhi tribes, the Kushans eventually built an empire that at its peak in the 2nd and 3rd century AD stretched across almost all of modern day Afghanistan and northern India. They controlled strategic trade routes in their territory and established economic and diplomatic contact with the Romans, Persians, Aksumite kingdom of Africa, and Han China.

Vima Takto was the grandfather of the great Kushan emperor Kanishka I (AD 127–150).  In ancient Chinese historical records, he is noted as being the son of Kujula Kadphises, the founder and first ruler of the Kushan Empire.  

INDIA, Kushan Empire . Vima Takto (Soter Megas) . Circa AD 80-100 . AE Drachm

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