ILLYRIA, Apollonia
AR Drachm. 2.92g, 16.2mm
MINTED: ILLYRIA, Apollonia, circa 250-200 BC. Timeon, magistrate.
OBVERSE: TIMHN, Cow standing right with suckling calf; [ΓAK monogram below].

REVERSE: AΠOΛ-ΔAMO-ΦΩN-TOΣ, Double stellate pattern.



Very Fine. Slightly off-center. Light scratches underneath toning.


Historical Notes:

Apollonia was a large Greek port-city founded by colonists from Corinth in 588 BC.  The city possessed a bustling harbour and thrived on its trade in slaves and its local agricultural produce.  It came under the domination of Pyrrhus, the king of Epirus, in the early 3rd century BC, but by 229 BC, it was firmly within the sphere of Roman influence.  In 148 BC, the city was incorporated into the Roman province of Macedonia.  Octavian, the future Emperor Augustus, studied at Apollonia in 44 BC under the tutelage of Athenodorus Cananites of Tarsus, a Stoic philosopher.

ILLYRIA, Apollonia . 250-200 BC . AR Drachm . Cow and Calf

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