AE28. 10.31g, 28.4mm
MINTED: SPAIN (IBERIA), Kelse, after 133 BC
REF: CNH pg. 223, 11; SNG BM Spain 797
OBVERSE: Bare-headed and draped male bust right; three dolphins around.

REVERSE: Horseman riding right, holding palm; KELSE in Celt-Iberian below.



Good Fine.  Warm, reddish-brown and green patina.  An appealing, large Spanish bronze.


Historical Notes:

Kelse, later re-founded as the Roman colonial town of Colonia Iulia-Lepida Celsa, was an Iberian settlement located in the Ebro Valley (in the present day Zaragoza Province of Spain). 

IBERIA (SPAIN), Kelse . After 133 BC . AE28 . Horseman riding

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