HERENNIA ETRUSCILLA, wife of Trajan Decius

AD 249-251
AE27. 13.76g, 27.2mm
MINTED: MOESIA SUPERIOR, Viminacium, AD 250-251
REF: Varbanov 181
OBVERSE: HER ETRVSCILLA AVG, draped bust right.

REVERSE: P M S COL VIM, Moesia standing facing, head left, holding branch, between bull standing right and lion standing left; AN XII in exergue.



Ex Roma Numismatics E-sale 21, lot 557


About Fine. Pleasing dark green patina. A nice, hefty coin.

Historical Notes:

Viminacium was an important Balkan city, the capital of the Roman province of Moesia Superior, in what is present-day Serbia. It possessed luxurious villas, large temples and baths, a 12000-seat amphitheatre, and the impressive military camp of the Legio VII Claudia. Provincial coinage was struck here from AD 239 to 255, featuring on the reverse the personification of Moesia standing between a lion and a bull, the symbols of the 7th and 4th Legions respectively.

HERENNIA ETRUSCILLA . MOESIA SUPERIOR, Viminacium . AE27 . Ex Roma Numismatics

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