Wife of Trajan Decius. AD 249-251

AE Sesetertius. 12.0g, 30.4mm
MINTED: Rome mint, AD 249-251
REF: RIC IV (Decius) 136
OBVERSE: HERENNIA ETRVSCILLA AVG, diademed, draped bust right.

REVERSE: PVDICITIA AVG, Pudicitia, draped, veiled, seated left, drawing veil with right hand, holding sceptre in left hand; S C in exergue.



Fine/Fair. Brown-green surfaces. Heavy corrosion on the reverse, but a clear enough portrait with full legends. A budget sestertius of the 3rd century. 


Historical Notes:

Herennia Etruscilla was the wife of Emperor Trajan Decius.  After her husband was killed in battle in June 251, her son Hostilian was accepted by the new emperor Trebonianus Gallus as his co-ruler.  Unfortunately, Hostilian died of plague later that same year, as Herennia may have as well.

HERENNIA ETRUSCILLA . AD 249-251 . AE Sestertius . Budget large bronze

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