HELENA, Mother of Constantine I
AD 324-328/330

AE3. 3.27g, 18.4mm

MINTED: Siscia mint, AD 326-327
REF: RIC VII Siscia 204
OBVERSE: FL HELENA AVGVSTA, draped bust right.

REVERSE: SECVRITAS – REIPVBLICE, Securitas, draped and veiled standing facing, head left, holding up drapery with left hand, and laurel branch in lowered right; •ΓSIS• in exergue.


Almost Very Fine/Good Fine. Dark brown surfaces.


Historical Notes:

Helena was the mother of Constantine I, and during his reign, she was made Empress from 324 until her death in 330 at the age of 80. Between the years 326 and 328, Helena undertook a trip to Palestine to seek out the holy sites of Christianity. During her time there, she also accomplished great works of charity and founded two churches in Bethlehem and on the Mount of Olives. At Jerusalem, Helena is said to have discovered the True Cross and other Christian relics, and to have brought some of these back with her to Rome. Helena is a considered a saint by the Eastern Orthodox, Anglican Communion and Lutheran Churches.

HELENA, Mother of Constantine I . AD 324-328/330 . AE3 . Securitas

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