AD 305-311

AE Follis. 6.88g, 25mm
MINTED: Alexandria mint, AD 308
REF: RIC VI Alexandria 75 (scarce)
REVERSE: VIRTVS EX-ERCITVS, Virtus in military dress advancing right, holding transverse spear and trophy over shoulder; P in left field, R over Δ in right field, ALE in exergue.

Good Very Fine. Sharp, well-struck and very attractive. An outstanding example of a scarcer type, with a provenance to a famous old collection. 



Ex Giovanni Dattari Collection
Giovanni Dattari (1853-1923) was a well-known numismatist and antiquities dealer who lived in Cairo between the 1890s and his death in 1923.  For decades, he monopolized the trade in Egypt of Roman provincial coins of Alexandria, selling tens of thousands of Alexandrian coins to museums and collectors.  He once even claimed that two-thirds of all the coins in Egypt passed through his hands.  In addition to being a collector and a dealer, Dattari was also a scholar, and the catalog of his vast collection of Alexandrian coins that he published in 1901 remains one of the standard reference works for the series.  Dattari, however, did not only collect Roman Provincial coins, and writing in 1903, he noted that his collection not only included 6,835 Alexandrian coins, but also 19,320 Roman (Imperial) coins, 91 Archaic Greek coins, and 230 coins of Alexander the Great.  By the time of his death, the size of his Alexandrian collection alone had more than doubled to over 13,000 coins.  Today, coins from Dattari's famous collection can be found in the coin cabinets of numerous museums and public institutions, as well as the private collections of ancient coin collectors all over the world. 


Historical Notes:
Galerius became emperor of the Roman Empire in 305 as the designated heir of Diocletian. However, under the system of the Tetrarchy, he had to share power with a co-emperor, Constantius I. He attempted to engineer his primacy by having two of his allies appointed to the positon of Caesar, but in doing so, he instead set the stage of the Tetrarchy's eventual collapse as other would-be successors rebelled against the hierarchy he established. He ruled for 6 years, before contracting a horrible bowel disease in 311 that resulted in him literally rotting to death from the inside.

GALERIUS . AD 305-311 . AE Follis . Ex Dattari **A 100-year old provenance**

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