Died AD 315

AE Follis. 5.51g, 25.9mm
MINTED: Heraclea mint, circa AD 310
REF: RIC VI Heraclea 50
OBVERSE: GAL VAL-ERIA AVG, diademed and draped bust right.
REVERSE: R: VENERI V-ICTRICI, Venus standing facing, head left, holding apple in right hand and raising drapery over shoulder with left, star in left field; HTΔ in exergue.

Very Good.  Brownish green patina.  Flat areas.  A budget example, actually a little better in hand. 


Historical Notes:
Galeria Valeria was the daughter of Emperor Diocletian, and the wife of his successor, Galerius. When Galerius fell ill and died in 311, Galeria and her mother Prisca were forced to seek refuge at the court of Maximinus II. Maximinus proposed marriage to Galeria to strengthen his position against Emperor Licinius and his other rivals, but when she refused, he confiscated her properties and exiled her to Syria. Subsequently, Maximinus died in 313, and Licinius sought the death of both Galeria and her mother. They fled into hiding but were eventually discovered at Thessalonica, where Galeria was captured by a mob and beheaded in the central square of the city.


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