AD 68-69

AR Denarius. 3.15g, 19.4mm

MINTED: Uncertain mint in Gaul (Narbo?), circa April to late Autumn AD 68

REF: RIC 111 (R2); Cohen 322
OBVERSE: SER GALBA – IMPERATOR, laureate head right.
REVERSE: VICTORIA – P R, draped Victory standing facing on globe, head left, holding wreath and palm branch.


Almost Very Fine. Cleaned, bright metal with granular surfaces and some deposits.

Strong details and bold, Gallic mint-style portrait of Galba.


Historical Notes:
Galba was the elderly governor of the province of Spain who marched on Rome and successfully seized power upon the death of emperor Nero. His reputation for cruelty and avarice made him very unpopular, and his refusal to pay a donative promised in his name to the powerful Praetorian Guard all but sealed his fate. Barely six months into his reign, the legions of Germania revolted against Galba and proclaimed their governor, Vitellius, emperor. Before Galba was even able to muster his troops to engage the rebels, he was assassinated by Praetorian guards who had been bribed by Otho, a disenchanted former supporter of Galba who then claimed the throne for himself.

GALBA . AD 68-69 . AR Denarius . Victory on Globe . **Rare**

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