AD 276

AE Antoninianus. 3.83g, 23.2mm
MINTED: Siscia mint, July - August AD 276
REF: New RIC Online 4378; RIC 1st 57 corr. (Ticinum)
OBVERSE: IMP C M AN FLORIANVS P AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
REVERSE: CONCORD MILIT, Emperor togate standing right, clasping the hand of Concordia standing left; VI in exergue.


Very Fine. Dark green patina. Well-centered with a strong, detailed portrait of this scarce, short-lived ruler. Some roughness on reverse. 


Historical Notes:

When Emperor Tacitus died suddenly in July 276, his half-brother Florian, the praetorian prefect, took the throne with the support of the western provinces, his position duly ratified by the Roman Senate.  He, however, did not have the support of Probus, the formidable commander of the eastern legions, who revolted and declared himself emperor.  With Probus in control of Egypt and its crucial grain supply, Florian was forced to march against him.  He reached Cilicia in Asia Minor in the midst summer of 276, where his soldiers, unused to the fierce heat of the region, began to fall ill.  When Probus began to launch stinging raids against Florian's position, the latter's demoralized troops rebelled and murdered him.  He had ruled for a mere three months.

FLORIAN . AD 276 . AE Antoninianus . Siscia . **Scarce, short-lived ruler**

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