AD 161-175

AE As. 8.78g, 26.4mm

MINTED: Rome mint, AD 161-175
REF: RIC III Marcus Aurelius 1671
OBVERSE: FAVSTINA AVGVSTA, draped bust, right.

REVERSE: SALVTI AVGVSTAE, Salus seated left, feeding snake entwined around altar, S C in exergue.


Fine. Rough, brown patina, slightly broken on reverse.


Historical Notes:
Faustina the Younger was the daughter of Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius, betrothed to one his adopted sons and successors, Marcus Aurelius. Some historical records have cast Faustina in a poor light, suggesting that she was guilty of adultery and even treasonous political machinations. Other sources, however, say that the couple loved each other, and Faustina frequently accompanied Aurelius on his military campaigns and was held in great respect by the soldiers. In 175, while with Aurelius at a military camp in Halala in Cappadocia, Faustina suffered a fatal accident and died. Stricken with sorrow, Aurelius had her deified and had Halala renamed Faustinopolis in her memory. She had given birth to thirteen of their children.

FAUSTINA II . AD 161-175 . As . "Salus" . Budget bronze

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