FAUSTA, Wife of Constantine I
AD 324-326

AE3. 3.63g, 20.3mm

MINTED: Nicomedia mint, AD 325-326
REF: RIC VII Nicomedia 131 (R3)
OBVERSE: FLAV MAX-FAVSTA AVG, draped bust right, hair styled in waves coiled at back of the neck.

REVERSE: SPES REI-PVBLICAE, Spes standing facing, looking left, holding two children to her bosom; MNΓ in exergue.


Very Fine. Devices attractively highlighted by the forest-green surfaces of the fields.


Historical Notes:

Fausta was the daughter of emperor Maximian and the wife of Constantine the Great, who proclaimed her Augusta when he became the sole ruler of the Roman Empire in 324. Just two years later, he had Fausta put to death by having her locked in a bath filled with boiling water. Her crime may have been an affair with her stepson, Crispus, or possibly the uncovering of a false accusation of rape she made against Crispus that had led to Constantine wrongly executing his own eldest son for treason. After her death, Constantine enacted a damnatio memoriae on Fausta, one which her own sons Constantine II, Constantius II and Constans did not see fit to lift when they became emperors after the death of Constantine.

FAUSTA . AD 324-326 . AE3 . Executed wife of Constantine the Great

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