EUBOIA, Histiaia
AE15. 1.45g, 15.3mm
MINTED: EUBOIA, Histiaia, circa 338-304 BC
REF: HGC 4, 1535
OBVERSE: Head of nymph Histiaia right, wreathed with grapes.

REVERSE: Forepart of cow right; IΣTI below.


Somewhat corroded copper surfaces, but decently strong details. 


Historical Notes:

Histiaia was a city on the coast of eastern Greece that was part of the Delian League of Athens in the 5th century BC.  When the inhabitants revolted against Athenian control in 446 BC, the city was beseiged, and its population subsequently deported to Macedonia or Thessaly.  The city was then repopulated by 2000 Athenian colonists, though at the end of the Peloponnesian War (431–404 BC), the Athenians were likely expelled by Spartans and some of the original inhabitants restored to their city.

EUBOIA, Histiaia . 338-304 BC . AE15 . Nymph / Forepart of cow

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