AD 218-222
AE28. 13.09g, 28.5mm
MINTED: THRACE, Odessus, circa AD 218-222
REF: Varbanov 4393 (R2)
OBVERSE: AYT K M AYPH ANTΩNEINOC, laureate head right.

REVERSE: OΔHCCEITΩN, Great God of Odessos standing facing, head left, wearing kalathos, holding patera over flaming altar and cornucopia.



Ex Dr. George Spradling Collection



Almost Very Fine. Attractive dark green patina. Struck well-centered on an unusually broad flan, with full beaded borders visible.


Historical Notes:

Odessos (present day Varna, the second largest city in Bulgaria) was already an ancient settlement when it was established as a Greek trading outpost on the Black Sea Coast in the mid 6th century BC.  It was an important seaport under Roman rule and the city boasted high fortified walls and impressive public baths.  In AD 242, Emperor Gordian III visited the city on the occasion of its sporting games, which were held once every five years.  Featuring prominently on the coinage of Odessos was the Great God, a deity also known by his old Thracian name, Darzalas.

ELAGABALUS . THRACE, Odessus . AE28 . Great God of Odessus

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