AD 218-222
AE26. 11.89g, 26.1mm
MINTED: MOESIA INFERIOR, Nicopolis ad Istrum, circa AD 218-222, Novius Rufus, consular legate.
REF: Varbanov 4019 (R6); Hristova & Jeckov; AMNG 1985
OBVERSE: AVT K M AVPH ANTΩNEINOC, laureate and draped bust right.

REVERSE: VΠ NOBIOV POV ΦOV NIKOΠOΛITΩN ΠPOC ICTP-O-N, emperor wearing military cloak standing left, holding spear and sword, foot on captive, crowned by Nike from behind who holds a wreath and palm, between them a captive cowering beneath shield.



Ex Dr. George Spradling Collection



Good Fine. Attractive earthen green patina. Extremely rare type, rated R6 in Varbanov.


Historical Notes:

Following his victory over King Decebalus in the Dacian Wars (AD 101-106), Emperor Trajan reorganised the region and founded several cities, including Nicopolis, which was situated by the river Iatrus. Nicopolis flourished as a major trade centre throughout the 2nd century, though by the mid 3rd century, the region began to be increasingly subject to invasions by the barbarian tribes. The city was destroyed in AD 447 by the soldiers of Attila the Hun.

ELAGABALUS . MOESIA INFERIOR, Nicopolis ad Istrum . AE26 . Extremely Rare

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