Wife of Commodus. AD 178-191

AE Sestertius. 21.26g, 29.9mm

MINTED: Rome mint, circa AD 178-182
REF: RIC (Commodus) 672a
OBVERSE: CRISPINA AVGVSTA, draped bust right.

REVERSE: SALVS, Salus seated left on throne, feeding out of patera snake rising from altar to left; S C in exergue.


Almost Very Fine/Good.  Light olive and darker green patina, with some surface roughness.


Historical Notes:

Bruttia Crispina, the daughter of the consul Gaius Bruttius Praesens, was born into a wealthy, aristocratic family. She was married to Commodus, the 17-year old son and newly appointed co-ruler of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, in 178. Crispina's life as a young empress, however, did not go smoothly. The fairytale quickly soured when her husband showed no affection for her, and her sister-in-law, the former empress Lucilla, grew jealous of her position and schemed against her. In 188, after 10 years of childless marriage, Commodus banished Crispina under the dubious charge of adultery and subsequently also had her executed.

CRISPINA . AD 178-191 . Sestertius . "Salus" . Wife of Commodus

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