Heraclius, AD 610-641

AE Dodecanummium (12 nummi). 4.95g, 16.5mm
MINTED: Alexandria mint, circa AD 610-641
REF: Sear Byzantine 853
OBVERSE: dd MM h hERAC, Heraclius, bearded, on left, and Heraclius Constantine, no beard, on right, busts facing, each wearing crown with cross, and chlamys.

REVERSE: I-B, large cross potent on two steps.





Historical Notes:

A military defeat inflicted on the Empire early in his reign by the Sasanians served as motivation for Heraclius to reform and strengthen his armies.  Eventually, he was able to turn the tables on the Persians, defeating them decisively at the Battle of Nineveh in 627, forcing a peace treaty upon them and securing the return of the True Cross to the Christians.  Within a few short years, however, Heraclius would find himself contending with a new eastern threat, the emerging Arab Muslim caliphate.  Though he was to lose the territorial gains made against the Persians to the Arabs, he was able to forestall Muslim advances in Asia Minor and Carthage.  On the domestic front, Heraclius's reign is most significant for his replacement of Latin as the official language of the Empire with Greek.

BYZANTINE EMPIRE . Heraclius, AD 610-641 . AE Dodecanummium (12 nummi)

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