AD 283-285

AE Antoninianus. 3.74g, 23.5mm

MINTED: Lugdunum mint, AD 283
REF: RIC 214

OBVERSE: IMP C M AVR CARINVS AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
REVERSE: SAECVLI FELICITAS, Emperor standing right holding spear and globe, delta in right field.


Almost Very Fine.


Historical Notes:

Carinus was the elder son of the short-lived Emperor Carus, who was killed in late 283 after a campaign against the Sassanids.  When Carinus's brother and co-emperor Numerian died suddenly the following year, Carinus faced a challenge for power by Diocletian, the commander of the Imperial cavalry.  Their two armies met at the Battle of the Margus in July 285, and though Carinus initially gained the upper hand in the conflict, he was assassinated by one of his own officers, and Diocletian thus ended up sole ruler of the Empire.

CARINUS . AD 283-285 . Antoninianus . "SAECVLI FELICITAS" . Ludgunum

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