AD 293-305

AE Follis. 9.11g, 28.7mm
MINTED: Ticinum mint, circa AD 300-303
REF: RIC VI Ticinum 46a
OBVERSE: CONSTANTIVS NOB CAES, laureate head right.
REVERSE: SACRA MONETA AVGG ET CAESS NOSTR, Moneta standing facing, head left, holding scales and cornucopiae; PT• in exergue.


Very Fine.  Dark gray surfaces with some underlying silvering.

The reverse depicts Moneta, the personification of money.  The legend translates to "Sacred Money of our Emperors and Princes"



From an old Swiss collection.


Historical Notes:
Constantius I was nicknamed Chlorus ('the Pale'), and suceeded Emperor Maximianus to become co-emperor of the Second Tetrarchy in 305. He ruled as the Augustus of the West for just over a year, before falling ill and dying while leading a military campaign against the Pictish tribes in Britain. His son, Constantine, took control of his legions and claimed Imperial power by birthright. Constantine would eventually become the sole ruler of the Roman Empire and its first Christian emperor.

CONSTANTIUS I CHLORUS, as Caesar . AD 293-305 . Follis . Goddess of Money

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