CONSTANTINOPOLIS, City Commemorative
AD 330-346

AE3. 2.05g, 16.7mm

MINTED: Rome mint, AD 330-331
REF: RIC VII Rome 339 (scarce)
OBVERSE: CONSTANTI-NOPOLIS, laureate, helmeted bust left, wearing imperial mantle, holding reversed spear.

REVERSE: Victory standing left on foot of prow holding sceptre, left hand on shield; RBЄ in exergue.


Good Fine.


Historical Notes:

The CONSTANTINOPOLIS coins were part of a commemorative series issued by Constantine the Great and his sons from around 330-346.  Along with the other types (such as the VRBS ROMA coins), they served to celebrate the founding of Constantinople as Constantine's new capital city, while at the same time acknowledging Rome as the Empire's original birthplace.  The 'Victory on a prow' reverse type celebrates the naval victory of Constantine's son, Crispus, over his rival Licinius's fleet at the Battle of the Hellespont in 324.  Following this victory, Licinius fled from Byzantium, allowing Constantine to capture the city, which he would re-found as Constantinople, his new capital. 

CONSTANTINOPOLIS, City Commemorative . AD 330-346 . AE3 . "Victory on Prow"

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