AD 41-54
AE25. 7.28g, 24.7mm
MINTED: CILICIA, Caesarea, circa 41-54 AD, dated Year 5
REF: RPC 4086; BMC 4 (Anazarbus in Cilicia); De Saulcy 1 (Caesarea Panias in Judaea); MG 182 (Caesarea in Cappadocia).

REVERSE: KAICAPEΩN ETOYC E, Tyche seated right on rocky outcropping, holding grain ears; below, forepart of river-god swimming right.



Very Fine. Green-brown patina with some earthen highlights. A fine style head of Claudius.


Historical Notes:

The name Caesarea (literally "the city of Caesar") was given to numerous cities in the Roman Empire in honour of the first emperor of Rome, Caesar Augustus.  There is some debate as to which Caesarea struck these coins of Claudius, which are dated by their legend to his 5th regnal year (AD 46).  References have variously attributed this issue to a Caesarea in Cappadocia, Judaea, or Cilicia, but find data generally support a location in eastern Cilicia as most likely.

CLAUDIUS . CILICIA, Caesarea . AE25 . Tyche sitting on rocks

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