CELTS, Central Gaul

The Aedui

AR Quinarius. 1.86g, 13.9mm
MINTED: CELTIC, Central Gaul, the Aedui, circa 80-50 BC. Kaletedou series.
REF: Castelin, SLM 633
OBVERSE: Helmeted head of 'Roma' to left within double border of dots.

REVERSE: Celtic horse walking to left; fragmentary inscription around (KAL-DO-U, for Kaletedou?), and half-wheel below.



Off-center reverse, but nice reverse.  Attractively toned. 


Historical Notes:

The Aedui were a tribe of Celts who lived in central Gaul (in the present day region of Burgundy). They were close allies of the Roman Republic until Julius Caesar's genocidal Gallic Wars (58-50 BC).  Though they initially supported Caesar, they eventually joined the rebellion of Vercingetorix in 52 BC.  Emperor Augustus made them an allied community of the Empire, and under Emperor Claudius, they became the first Gallic tribe whose members were allowed to become senators.  

CELTS, Central Gaul. The Aedui, circa 80-50 BC . AR Quinarius . 'Roma' / Horse

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