CALABRIA, Tarentum

AR Diobol. 1.14g, 12.1mm
MINTED: CALABRIA, Tarentum, circa 380-332 BC
REF: Vlasto 1327
OBVERSE: Head of Athena right, wearing crested helmet upon which Skylla hurling stone.

REVERSE: Herakles kneeling right, strangling lion; grasshopper above.


Almost Very Fine. Well-centered and complete for the type. 


Historical Notes:

Tarentum, in Calabria, was the only colony the Spartans ever established. Its legendary founder was Taras, a son of Poseidon, who was carried to shore by a friendly dolphin when his ship was wrecked in a storm. By the 4th century BC, Tarentum had grown in prosperity to become the greatest city in all of Magna Graecia. Unlike the Spartans, who famously spurned the idea of coinage at the time of its invention, the Tarentines were quick to adopt its use, their iconic 'Dolphin-Rider' didrachmae becoming a symbol of the city's growing power and wealth.

CALABRIA, Tarentum . Circa 380-332 BC . AR Diobol . Herakles Strangling Lion

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