Maurice Tiberius, AD 582-602

AE Half-Follis. 5.0g, 23mm
MINTED: Constantinople mint, RY 6 (AD 587/588)
REF: Sear Byzantine 497
OBVERSE: DN MAVR TIBER PP AV, crowned facing bust holding globus cruciger.

REVERSE: Large K, ANNO to left, cross above, regnal year to right, A (officina) below.



Decent details; some roughness. 


Historical Notes:

Maurice was an accomplished general whose successes in the Sassanian wars set him on the path to becoming Emperor. Once in power, he managed to secure Rome, Ravenna and Carthage from the encroaching Lombards. In 591, he also succeeded in establishing a long lasting peace with the Sassanians by supporting the rise to power of Khosrow II, who would also marry Maurice’s daughter, Maria. In 602, troops that he forbade from returning home for the winter because of the expense it entailed mutinied, capturing Maurice and executing him along with his six sons.


BYZANTINE EMPIRE . Maurice Tiberius, AD 582-602 . AE Half-Follis

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