Leo VI 'the Wise', AD 886-912

AE Follis. 7.29g, 26.3mm
MINTED: Constantinople mint, circa AD 886-912
REF: Sear Byzantine 1729
OBVERSE: Facing bust, wearing crown and chlamys, holding akakia.

REVERSE: LЄON EN ΘЄO bA SILEVS R OMЄON, Legend in four lines across field.



Almost Very Fine. Dark brown patina. 


Historical Notes:

Leo VI, the second emperor of the Macedonian dynasty that ruled the Byzantine Empire from 867 to 1056, earned the nickname 'the Wise' because of his scholarly pursuits.  These included his writing of numerous theological treatises, political speeches, and religious sermons and poems.  He also set up a legal commission that codified Byzantine law into a six volume work known as the Basilika.  During his reign, however, the Empire saw military defeats in the Balkans as well as in Sicily and the Aegean. 

BYZANTINE EMPIRE . Leo VI 'the Wise', AD 886-912 . AE Follis

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