Justinian I the Great, AD 527-565

AE Follis (40 Nummi). 13.59g, 31mm
MINTED: Nicomedia mint, AD 527-565
REF: Sear Byzantine 198
OBVERSE: D N IVSTIANVS P AV , diademed draped bust, (three dots above diadem?)

REVERSE: Large M (mark of value) between star and cross, A below; NIKM in exergue.



Good Fine.  Pleasantly toned, smooth brassy surfaces.


Historical Notes:

Justinian's significance in history was thanks in large part to two people - his mighty general Belisarius, and his intelligent and ambitious wife Theodora, a former actress and prostitute.  It was Theodora's steely nerves and refusal to flee Constantinople that saved Justinian's reign when the Nika riots broke out in 532, destroying half the city and resulting in the death of thousands.  And it was Belisarius's loyalty and military genius that allowed the Byzantine Empire to reclaim much of Italy and the west from the Goths, extending the borders of the empire from Spain to Mesopotamia.  Another important achievement of Justinian's was the corpus iuris civilis, a comprehensive codification of all Roman law which would go on to form the basis of the legal code for numerous European nations.  

BYZANTINE EMPIRE . Justinian I, AD 527-565 . AE Follis . *Large hefty bronze*

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