Latin Rulers of Constantinople, AD 1204-1261

Billon Aspron Trachy. 2.31g, 27.5mm x 24.2mm
MINTED: Constantinople mint, circa AD 1185-1195
REF: Sear Byzantine 2003
OBVERSE: MP-ΘV, the Virgin Mary, enthroned facing, nimbate and wearing pallium and maphorium; she holds nimbate head of infant Christ before her.

REVERSE: ICAAKIOC, ΔECΠOTHC, Isaac, standing facing, wearing crown, divitision, loros and sagion , and holding cruciform scepter and akakia, crowned by hand of God in upper right field.



Fine/Very Fine.  Nice, sharp reverse details.


Historical Notes:

After he deposed and killed the short-lived Andronicus I Comnenus, Isaac II ruled  over the Byzantine Empire, first for 10 years between AD 1185-1195, and then again between AD 1202-1204.  During his first reign, which saw him greatly under the influence of two powerful chief ministers, Isaac lost popularity because of his cruelty, oppressive taxes, and struggles against the Bulgarians.  He was eventually dethroned by his elder brother, Alexius III Angelus, blinded and imprisoned.  Isaac had a brief but ineffectual second reign, during which he was heavily indebted to the leaders of the Fourth Crusade.  

BYZANTINE EMPIRE . Isaac II Angelus, AD 1185-1195 . Billon Aspron Trachy

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