Constantine VII Porphrogenitus, AD 913-959

AE Follis. 7.18g, 25mm
MINTED: Constantinople mint, circa AD 920-944
REF: Sear Byzantine 1761
OBVERSE: CONST bASIL ROM, Crowned bust of Constantine facing, with short beard and wearing vertical loros, holding akakia and cross on globe.

REVERSE: CONST / EN QEO BA / SILEVS R / OMEON, legend in four lines.



Almost Very Fine. Lovely green patina and good portrait detail.


Historical Notes:

Constantine VII was nicknamed Porphyrogenitus (meaning 'born to the purple'), perhaps mockingly, because his father, Emperor Leo VI, was not actually married to his mother, Zoe Karbonopsina, when he was born.  He was still a child when his father and uncle died, leaving him the sole ruler of the Empire, with his mother acting as regent.  He later spent 25 years co-ruling with Romanus I, his father-in-law, and also Romanus's three sons.  Even when Romanus and his sons eventually fell from power, Constantine preferred scholarly pursuits to actual rule, and he delegated the running of the empire to his wife and generals. ​​​​​​​

BYZANTINE EMPIRE . Constantine VII Porphrogenitus, AD 913-959 . AE Follis

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