BRUTTIUM, the Brettii
AE Double Unit. 17.44g, 26.1mm
MINTED: BRUTTIUM, the Brettii, circa 214-211 BC
REF: HGC 1, 1361; SNG ANS 38; HN Italy 1975
OBVERSE: Helmeted head of Ares left; two pellets behind.

REVERSE: BPETTIΩN, Nike standing left, erecting trophy; star between.


Very Fine. Brown patina, green in fields, brassy at the high points. A hefty and attractive bronze of the Brettii struck during the Second Punic War between Carthage and the Roman Republic.


Historical Notes:

The Brettii were a tribe who occupied the southwestern peninsula of Italy (in present day Calabria).  Their name was derived from the Oscan word for 'runaways', as they were thought to have been a group of slaves who had escaped the rule of the Lucanians.  In the mid-fourth century BC, they established themselves in the city of Consentia, later capturing Hipponium, Medma, Thurium and Terina.  During the Pyrrhic War (280–275 BC), the Brettii allied themselves with Pyrrhos of Epeiros against the Roman Republic, and during the Second Punic War (218-201 BC), they again stood against the Romans, this time defecting to the Carthaginian general Hannibal.  After that war ended with the defeat of the Carthaginians, the Romans punished the Brettii severely, depriving them of most of their territories and turning many of them into slaves.

BRUTTIUM, the Brettii . 214-211 BC . AE26 . Head of Ares, God of War

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