AE24. 6.92g, 23.8mm
MINTED: BRUTTIUM, Rhegion, circa 218-213 BC
REF: SNG ANS 720; SNG Morcom 476
OBVERSE: Laureate head of Apollo left, cornucopiae behind.

REVERSE: Tripod, ΡΗΓΙ−ΝΩΝ across.


Almost Very Fine.  Dark blackish green surfaces, considerable roughness but plenty of detail.  A decent budget bronze of Magna Graecia.


Historical Notes:

The site of Rhegion (in present day Calabria in southern Italy) has been inhabited since at least the 3rd millenium BC.  It was founded as a Greek polis in the 8th century by colonists from Chalkis and reached the zenith of the its power under the rule of the tyrant Anaxilas (494-476 BC).  During his reign, Anaxilas also managed to seize the Sicialian city of Zancle, changing its name to Messana.  

Though it later temporarily came under the control of the Syracusans and the Campanians, Rhegion remained for much of its history during the Classical period an independent republic.  It remained an important commercial and cultural centre known for its schools and academies as well as its sanctuaries dedicated to Apollo and Artemis throughout that period and well into Roman times.

BRUTTIUM, Rhegion . Circa 218-213 BC . AE24 . Apollo / Tripod

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