Rhescuporis VI, AD 303-342

AE Stater. 7.00g, 20.1mm
MINTED: Bosporan mint, AD 323/4

REF: MacDonald 679/1
OBVERSE: Laureate head of Roman emperor (Constantine I) right; K-X (date) across fields.

REVERSE: BACIΛεωC PHCKOVΠOPI, diademed bust of Rhescuporis right, wreath before.




Almost Fine.


Historical Notes:

The Bosporan Kingdom occupied a region in what is now eastern Crimea along the northern shore of the Black Sea.  After the Mithradatic Wars (88-63 BC), the kingdom became a client state of the Romans, prospering under their patronage until the 4th century AD.  Rhescuporis VI (AD 303-342) was the last ruler of the kingdom, occupying the throne during the time of Constantine the Great and his sons, until he was killed during an invasion by the Goths under their king, Ermanaric.  The kingdom was then subject to the rule of the Goths, before they too were supplanted a few decades later by the Huns. 

BOSPORUS, KINGDOM OF . Rhescuporis VI, AD 303-342 . AE Stater . Constantine I

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