Numismatic Art of the Greek World

2nd Edition
By Wayne G. Sayles
Paperback, 298 pages, fully illustrated with photos, tables, charts, and maps. 2007, Krause Publications

Brand New, and signed by author Wayne Sayles

"This book approaches the subject of Greek coinage with the intention of helping collectors differentiate between coins of the Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic periods. With this book's condensed and easy-to-follow format, today's busy collectors can access essential information quickly. The coverage in this expanded edition serves as a roadmap of Greek coinage history, blending collecting details, history, and art into a must-have research resource."


The Ancient Coin Collecting books by Wayne Sayles are the most popular general reference works for ancient coin collectors.  They contain a wealth of practical knowledge that ancient coin collectors at all levels will find especially useful.  Mr. Sayles is a highly respected numismatist and author.  He is also the founder of the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild (ACCG), an advocacy group for private collectors of Ancient Coins.     

From the cover:

- Features coins of the Archaic, Classical & Hellenistic Periods

- Added and expanded sections for attribution and interpretation

- Gallery of Hellenistic Portraiture and Numismatic Masterpieces

BOOK . ANCIENT COIN COLLECTING II (Paperback) - Wayne Sayles *Signed by Author*

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